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Catastrophe on Jupiter changes the Earth?


On July 19, 2009, an amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley photographed a change on Jupiter. It became known as Jupiter Impact "of the size of our earth"!  

Immediately after the discovery, NASA began to study the event intensively. A large team tried to find out what had happened with the help of the Hubble telescope.


Also we here in Remagen had measured a change of the earth, as we have not seen it in the last 8 years. Compared to that, the most severe earthquakes of the recent past are a trifle.

Thereupon I contacted Orton Glenn the head of NASA JPL. We corresponded for a week, day and night, about what might have happened on Jupiter. I provided him with the data measured here in Remagen.

Orton Glenn confirmed to me, although they worked around the clock, to have no idea of what happened there on the Jupiter.


The following had happened after evaluating our measurements:

On 07/18/2009 at 14:34:43 ECT there was a drastic change mainly in the angle of the Earth in 2 phases. So this happened one day before the photo of the amateur astronomer was taken. NASA told me there is no footage of the time of the "impact". But the first photos of the Jupiter "Impact" show an area of the size of the earth which has already come to rest to a large extent. The "Impact" must have taken place therefore before. This speaks for our measurements, one day before the photographs of Anthony Wesley.


This incredible impact or explosion / implosion on Jupiter must have affected its orbit. All other planets in our solar system must follow those changes!

Now it is so that with this enormous mass of the Jupiter the processes run very slowly. To measure this change only a few days after the "impact" is therefore very difficult. But for the NASA this should be possible.


So I suggested Orton Glenn, he should compare a star known very far in the universe extremely exactly with its old position, it should already show a minimum difference. Orton Glenn asked me to write also a report. I sent him a 9 page report 2 days later.

Strangely enough he discontinued our contact. Neither NASA nor Orton Glenn ever answered the question about the position shift of the earth as well as the Jupiter or expressed themselves to the report.


It is now 2014 and the changes on Earth seem to be becoming more and more obvious. Climatologists discuss them very controversially. Whereas climatic changes are subject to very long time constants and are eliminated as a reason for this rapid climate change.

Some geologists relate climate change to the devastating Sumatra and Fukushima earthquakes because they changed the tilt angle of the earth. Apparently it has escaped their notice that even the breakup of the Pine Glacier has a greater impact than either of the quakes.


As mentioned earlier, we have also measured all of these changes and they are not comparable to the much larger impact given from the Jupiter "Impact".

We humans believe that everything that happens exclusively on Earth is decisive for changes. A huge mistake. Climate changes and many other, in this connection standing important processes for us (e.g. water balance, cereal cultivation, desert formation) have also extraterrestrial sources. If we lose sight of this, the consequences can have a massive impact on society, or worse, on life.

Anomaly on Earth on 18.07.2009

Here is a picture from the report to NASA. The blue line shows how the earth angle changed. The first change was at 14:34:43. It was more of a back and forth swing of the Earth's angle within 3 hours.

The second angle change at 21:30:35 was even more pronounced, and resulted in a "permanent" angle change of the Earth.